Katie Holmes: “I welcome my age with deep gratitude”

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Interviewed by the magazine “People”, in the special edition of 2 April dedicated to beauty, Katie Holmes opens up on the topic of aging, crucial for many of her peers “40 something”. By his own admission, the ex Joey Potter of the teen series “Dawson’s Creek”, now 42, is not afraid of the signs of aging on his face. And, indeed, he specifies: “I welcome my age with deep gratitude”.

His beauty secrets? Few, but good, all to be copied.

Katie Holmes is very faithful to the skincare and facial products of the renowned dermatologist Dr. Barbara Sturm (adored by countless stars, from Kim Kardashian to Paris Hilton). For the American actress, mother of Suri Cruise, the rule of less is more applies in makeup: “I never leave the house without applying sunscreen and a veil of lip gloss. And I am grateful to my three older sisters: they are the ones who taught me how to wear make-up ».

The gratitude that Katie Holmes says she has for her age can and should inspire us. According to psychologist Elena Welcome, «Exercise more compassion towards us and towards our physical aspect is fundamental, especially in a period of very strong psychological pressure like the present one. Sometimes it takes a little more realism for understand that aging is something absolutely natural and physiological. We are all very able to find defects: we try to become equally good at focusing on our strengths, external and internal. This does not at all mean having to give up self-care, on the contrary: like Katie Holmes, we dedicate daily and loving attention to our beauty, without however thinking of upsetting ourselves by chasing the myth of eternal youth. What needs to change is the mental attitude: cwe begin to observe ourselves with new eyes, we learn to appreciate those lines and those characteristics that represent us and that tell our story, our joys, our defeats, our disappointments. We internalize Katie Holmes’ message. And then let’s look at her: isn’t she a hundred times more beautiful and fascinating than her completely uplifted and contrived peers? ».

In gallery, some photos dedicated to natural and sunny beauty by Katie Holmes, plus skincare products perfect for over 40s like her.

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