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Katie Holmes who keeps clothes for her daughter, even though: “She already has her own style”

What better gift could this give Katie Holmes for the daughter? Without even thinking about it too much: her wardrobe. A true heritage rich in unique garments that have given iconic and sometimes even difficult to understand looks (just think of that strange outfit in which jeans and sneakers were coordinated with a minidress)

Katie Holmes and that look that is so difficult to understand

Minidress, jeans and sneakers: the beautiful actress’s most recent outfit leaves us speechless. A stratification of complicated interpretation. A question hangs in the air: why?


In a new interview with the Sunday Timesthe Joey Potter Of Dawson’s Creeksays she saved more than a few of her old clothes for her daughter Suri, had together with the actor Tom Cruise. In short, Katie Holmescapable of becoming an icon thanks to her casual and casual look, when asked if she intended to leave something from her closet to the eighteen-year-old, answers in the affirmativeeven if, as the daughter says: «She has her own sense of style and her own way of expressing herself with clothes».

It may be so, yet in one of his recent appearances the style of Suri seems to be a real homage to the mother: jeans baggyblack sneakers Vansan antique pink cropped corset in satin casually combined with a burgundy maxi cardigan and a jacket under the arm denim.

Suri Cruise.

Suri Cruise.

TheImageDirect.com / ipa-agency.net

And, in fact, the daughter has the propensity to borrow clothes from her mother’s wardrobe: “Sometimes some items disappear permanently – the actress jokes – but that’s okay.” Katie Holmes she also talked about how becoming a mother changed her taste in fashion: «When my daughter was very little, I was attracted to wearing a lot of clothes. You go through these different stages of motherhood. So over the years my style has changed here and there.”

It could well be, yet her way of approaching wardrobe always remains the same: «I usually wear ballet flats, sneakers, loose jeans and a t-shirt. I like to put them together in a way that gives the impression that they were paired almost by chance.” And this is perhaps precisely the reason why we are and will always be so attracted to the unmistakable girl-next-door style.

Katie Holmes.

Katie Holmes.

Sean Zanni

Source: Vanity Fair

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