Katrini-Kamini working meeting with security bodies

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A working meeting with a delegation of the Board of Directors of the Association of Special Guards of the Hellenic Police of Attica, chaired by its President Mr. Vassilios Doumas, was held yesterday in Parliament by the head of the Parliamentary Group of the Movement for Change Michalis Katrinis and the head of the parliamentary sector Giorgos Prostasinis.

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The subject of the meeting was issues related to the rank and salary of the Special Guards, the granting of a special allowance to the Two-Wheeled Police Team (“DIAS”), as well as issues related to their training and retraining. seek to gradually alleviate the scoring and salary inequalities that arise in practice to the detriment of the Special Guards, while establishing a permanent, meritocratic and transparent mechanism for their evaluation and development.

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At the meeting, there was an understanding of the issues that have occupied the Special Guards Corps over time, as well as its decisive contribution to ensuring public order and social cohesion, while the need for an open and honest dialogue became clear.

The two representatives of the Movement for Change raised issues related to the upgrading of the training of the Special Guards Corps, as well as the smooth staffing and operation of the Security and Order Departments in the Attica Basin.

Also present at the meeting were the Head of Civil Protection Marinos Skandamis and the Deputy Secretary Panagiotis Konsoulas.

Source: Capital

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