Keith dumps his Shiba Inu tokens in favor of Safemoon

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You may have heard the story of how an ordinary investor turned into a crypto whale, making phenomenal profits from early investments in SHIB. In February 2021, he purchased 28 billion Shiba Inu tokens for only $160. Today, with all the corrections, they are worth over $800,000.

The same cryptokit just transferred SHIB profits to Safemoon by purchasing 113 million SFM tokens worth $292,000. See for details of the transaction.

This is the address that Safemoon bought for more than 300k. This is their Ethereum address. The same address can be viewed on Bsc,” a Twitter user said.

Clearly, Shiba Inu has run out of steam for the cryptokit, and Safemoon seems to be able to deliver good financial results. Safemoon started to gain momentum in 2022 after it upgraded to the V2 platform last month. In addition, the DeFi token team has released Safemoon Wallet, Safemoon Swap (V1 to V2 transfer), etc.

Holders need to upgrade their V1 tokens to V2 manually, and this process is promised to be simple and not take much time.

To promote the project, Safemoon placed an ad in the famous Times Square, which will run until December 2022. The billboard will help attract new and emerging investors to SFM.

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