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Kenyan police force in Haiti boosted – ‘Possibly this week or next’

With additional Kenyan police forces, the country’s president, William Root, will reinforce Haiti, an area where gang violence is ravaged. East African country Kenya will lead the mission, which was approved by the UN Security Council in October, deploying 1,000 police officers to the poorest Caribbean nation. Other countries are also expected to contribute forces (Benin, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Chad…). “Probably next week or the week after, we will send police officers to restore peace” in Haiti, the head of state said during a visit to Nakuru, in central Kenya. During an official visit to the US, Mr Ruto assured the BBC on May 25 that he expected the arrival of Kenyan police officers to take place in about three weeks. On May 31, the Kenyan president said he was “convinced” that their deployment would happen very soon. The mission, in which the US has been heavily involved in the level […]
Source: News Beast

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