Kevin O’Leary: Bitcoin will always come first, and ether will always come second


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Entrepreneur Kevin O’Leary, who previously criticized Bitcoin, has changed his attitude towards it. O’Leary stated that no cryptocurrency can take the place of Bitcoin.

This week, the ether rate reached a record high of $ 2 798, and it looks like it is not going to slow down. Unlike ether, bitcoin has been highly subject to price fluctuations. However, despite this, the businessman is convinced that Bitcoin will always be “on top”, ahead of other digital assets.

Comparing the two cryptocurrencies, O’Leary said that it is highly likely that Ethereum will be used as a “system for tracking and processing payments”, but today the price of ETH is unreasonably high. At the same time, he suggested that Bitcoin will reach record heights in 2021.

More and more institutional investors are investing in the first cryptocurrency, which can serve as a catalyst for the rapid growth of BTC. O’Leary said:


“Bitcoin will always come first and Ether second. Bitcoin will always be associated with gold, and ether with silver. ”


He added that he has owned cryptocurrencies since 2017. Last month, O’Leary announced that he would set aside 3% of his funds for investments in Bitcoin to diversify his investment portfolio. At the same time, earlier the entrepreneur called digital assets “complete nonsense”, and bitcoin – “fake currency”.

Now O’Leary has radically changed his mind about cryptoassets, but became a supporter of green mining, speaking out against “bloody cryptocurrencies.” He clarified that he would invest only in “ethical” bitcoins mined without carbon emissions.

Analysts at the American investment bank JPMorgan have a different opinion on the future development of these two cryptocurrencies. They are confident that in the future, ether will be able to surpass Bitcoin in many respects and move it to the second place in terms of market capitalization.

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