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Kevin Spacey: the documentary in which 10 other men accuse him of sexual harassment arrives on Discovery+, but he doesn’t agree

The more time passes, the more there seems to be no peace Kevin Spaceyconsidering that the documentary that Channel 4 dedicated to him will land in Italy on Discovery+ on June 14th in two episodes with the title Kevin Spacey – Behind the Mask. The documentary collects the testimonies of 10 men telling their stories of alleged abuse suffered by Spaceyconsidering that none of them were involved in the London trial which saw the actor acquitted on nine charges in July 2023. All the men interviewed by the documentary – except for one – have never spoken before, even if the gist is always the same: the Oscar-winning actor is, in fact, described as a person thirsty for power and ready to do anything to satisfy his sexual appetites. Many of the victims say they were struck by Spacey and won over by his promise to help them in their careers, later realizing that this would only happen in exchange for “sexual favors”often while on set.

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According to them, in fact, Spacey “kidnapped” crew members to “go over lines.” “If you don’t pay the toll in sexual favors you’ll have a decent career, but you won’t see your name in the limelight,” Scott says in the documentary, while Kevin Spacey’s brother Randy claims in the documentary that he was sexually abused by his father, who as a teenager held “Nazi meetings” in the family home. Kevin, according to him, would not have suffered abuse, although this does not mean that he did not have “psychological trauma”. The accusations are, however, serious: the star is, among other things, accused of having pushed his crotch into the face of a worker at the Old Vic while he was manager of the club, but also of having masturbated in front of an aspiring actor while they looked Save Private Ryan in a public theater before trying to move the victim’s hand to join him. Kevin Spacey, for his part, strongly opposes all the accusations: “I will not sit idle and I will not allow myself to be attacked by a one-sided documentary about me, made by a dying network in a desperate attempt to gain ratings,” the actor wrote on X in May, tired of facing new charges after being acquitted on nine more of them.

The verdict in the Kevin Spacey case the jury acquitted the actor of harassment charges
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Interviewed on June 5th by Lex Fridman podcast, Kevin Spacey has said he doesn’t believe that Hollywood offers forgiveness, although in his heart he hopes that the widespread fear of cancel culture will fade and that “common sense will finally return.” In the interview the actor explained that he had not been an angel in his private life, even if all this does not justify the fact that he has no longer worked in Hollywood since 2017: «If you are in the entertainment industry, you are not offered forgiveness. People are very afraid. She is literally afraid of being canceled if she stands up for someone who was. We have seen it many times in history, it is not the first time it has happened.” In the Spacey interview also admitted to having been guilty of some promiscuous, flirtatious and sometimes annoying and persistent behavior in the past, but also of being accused of things he never did: «There are a number of things that I have been accused of that simply didn’t happen, and I can’t say, and I don’t think it would be right for me to say, ‘Well, everything I’ve been accused of is true.’ But I am perfectly willing to accept that I behaved badly, that I shouldn’t have done and that I regret.”

Source: Vanity Fair

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