Key Alves, from BBB 23, may be subpoenaed to testify after saying she saw Leandro Lo’s death

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Big Brother Brasil 2023 participant Key Alves may be summoned to testify as a witness after saying that she witnessed the moment when world jiu-jitsu champion Leandro Lo was shot during a show in August last year.

The volleyball player was talking about what happened with another participant of the reality show, Cara de Sapato, when she said: “It was in front of me. I saw everything.”

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Claudio Dalledone Júnior, lawyer for the military police officer arrested for shooting Lo, Henrique Otávio de Oliveira Velozo, has filed a request in court for Key to be heard in the case.

“Considering the serious and unprecedented statements brought by the participant Key Alves, it requires that she be subpoenaed – urgently – to be heard as a witness in the present case file”, says the document.

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A CNN, the defendant’s lawyer clarified that “these factoids have to be fought and that is up to the Defense”.

The authorship of the crime by Henrique Velozo has already been confessed, and the investigation is at a time when the judge is analyzing the aggravating factors that increase the penalty. The lawyer highlighted concerns that Key Alves’ statement could influence the case.

“She will have to account for what she said. It’s not a joke, people can’t go around saying they’ve seen something they’ve never seen, that’s not telling the truth. She will be prosecuted for false testimony,” said the lawyer.

The Civil Police clarified, by means of a note, that the case was already investigated and reported in September 2022, when the police officer became a defendant for triple-qualified homicide and there was a determination of preventive detention. “The possible reopening of the investigation can only be done by judicial determination.”

World jiu-jitsu champion shot in the head

Leandro Lo was shot in the head during a show at Clube Sírio, in São Paulo, in the early hours of August 7, 2022.

According to witnesses, the jiu-jitsu fighter was with five friends at the club, when the police officer, who also practices martial arts, approached and started to provoke the group, taking the drinks that were on the table. Leandro reacted and asked him to leave the place.

According to the lawyer for the fighter’s family, Ivã Siqueira Júnior, during the discussion, the fighter was “broke” by the PM, which is why he immobilized him with jiu-jitsu techniques. After walking away, the officer pulled out a gun and fired.

Still according to the defender, witnesses reported that the aggressor would have kicked Leandro’s head twice, who was already lying on the ground, unconscious.

The athlete was rescued and taken to Arthur Saboya Municipal Hospital, in Jabaquara, in the south zone of São Paulo, but he did not resist and was declared brain dead on Sunday morning (7).

After shooting and killing the jiu-jitsu world champion, Velozo went to a nightclub, consumed drinks and left accompanied by a woman, whom he took to a motel in São Paulo.

Source: CNN Brasil

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