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Khaby Lame, no one like him: he is the most followed in the world on TikTok

The follower counter, for now, marks 142.7 million. Which means that Khaby Lamethe digital creator born in 2000, is officially the most followed person in the world on TikTok: today, June 23, it is in fact completed overtaking to what, for a long time, was the undisputed queen of the platform, the American Charli D’Amelio. Now he is at the top, who has become a celebrity thanks to a very simple gesture.

Khaby, in fact, in his videos never speaks, he merely observes with sympathetic skepticism other influencers who do something apparently trivial, but making it complicated: he replies it, exposing its ease. A format with which he managed to build a sensational community of fans: international VIPs commented on his clips, imitated him, some even invited to do one content together.

Born in Dakarmoved with his family to a social housing complex in Chivassoat the gates of Turinwhen he was only one year. She said she worked as waiterbricklayer and finally how CNC machine operator in a Piedmontese factory: his life changed with the advent Covidwhich took away his job and forced him – like everyone else – to long days within the home.

So he started post videos first on YouTube, then on TikTok. And, as he himself revealed, he didn’t lose heart if the numbers at the beginning they weren’t excellent: continued on his way e success has come. In record time: in April 2021 it passed Gianluca Vacchi and became the most followed Italian tiktoker, then a year ago he rose in second global position overtaking Addison Rae.

From there it started the pursuit to Charli D’Amelio, which ended in less than twelve months: from today it’s Khaby the new king of TikTok.

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