Khaby Lame, shopping and smiles in Milan (without social networks)

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The counter of followers on Instagram, at this moment, it has almost reached altitude 30 million, which make him the most followed Italian in the world. The one up TikTok has even surpassed i 90 million, this means that there, the profile of Khaby Lame, is the second in the global ranking of popularity, behind only the dancer Charli D’Amelio. A phenomenon of sympathy, which shows her smile even away from social network.

The very young idol of the web, in fact, it was paparazzi in the center of Milan together with a group of friends, leaving a well-known tavern on Corso Garibaldi: light blue shirt with short sleeves, a soft jeans and a pair of sneakers, Khaby has greeted the photographers and indulged in some selfies, even with Sabina Negri, former partner of the Northern League player Roberto Calderoli. Then a little shopping, a popsicle and off you go homeward.

To think that Lame, 21enne from senegalese and resident in the province of Torino, had started quietly, with clips from a few hundred of views. In March 2020, in full lockdown, the start of the climb thanks to a video in which yes disinfects your hands. Its trump card? Respond to videos they propose complex remedies and unthinkable to simple problems, showing how the solution is anything but complicated.

Without saying a word, using the universal gesture language: although collaborations with celebrities, make almost any clip in your own home, in that popular neighborhood of Chivasso to which he is still very attached: «Tra those buildings I learned everything, first of alleducation», He told al Corriere della Sera. “That situation also allowed me to cultivateand deep bonds».

Ties that, as you can see from the photos in Milan, continue to cultivate. With a smile, away from social networks.

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