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Kia Sportage Black Edition in Russia can now be bought for less than 2 million rubles

A more affordable version of the special edition of the Kia Sportage Black Edition crossover has appeared on the Russian market, which began to be sold in our country in February this year.

Since its launch, more than 2 thousand Kia Sportage Black Edition vehicles have been sold, or approximately 25% of the total sales of the model. And this is despite the high price, which started at 2.15 million rubles.

Now the manufacturer offers Russian buyers a black version of the Kia Sportage in a simple Luxe + configuration, which is available in 11 color options versus 7 for more expensive trim levels. Key design differences remain: the model received a black radiator grille, the same 17-inch wheels and roof rails, as well as other black decor.

Kia Sportage Black Edition in the Luxe + trim level received a black fabric body, as well as matte inserts on the center console instead of glossy ones. Simultaneously with the release of this version, customers can no longer order the standard version of the Kia Sportage in the Luxe + trim level.

Below are the current prices for all Kia Sportage models in Russia:

Equipment 2.0 (150 HP) 2WD MT6 2.0 (150 HP) 4WD MT6 2.0 (150 HP) 2WD AT6 2.0 (150 hp) 4WD AT6 2.4 (184 hp) 4WD AT6
Classic Warm options RUB 1,794,900
Comfort RUB 1,839,900 RUB 1,919,900 RUB 1 879 900 RUB 1,959,900
Luxe RUB 1,969,900 RUB 1,929,900 RUB 2,009,900
Edition Plus RUB 1,957,900 RUB 2,037,900 RUB 2,157,900
Luxe+ Black Edition RUB 1,994,900 RUB 2 074 900 RUB 2,194,900
Prestige Black Edition RUB 2 199 900 RUB 2 319 900
GT Line RUB 2,454,900
Premium Black Edition 2 564 900 rub