Kickstarter to Launch Decentralized Crowdfunding Protocol on Celo Blockchain

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The largest crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has announced plans to create a Celo-based decentralized crowdfunding protocol. Users will have access to the new platform automatically.

As reported in an article on the Kickstarter blog, a new company will be formed to develop the decentralized protocol. The protocol will be launched on the Celo blockchain as early as 2022, and users will automatically have access to all the benefits of decentralization. However, there are no plans to change the way users interact with the Kickstarter site.

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In addition, a “governance laboratory” independent of both companies will be established to oversee the development of the protocol. The laboratory will publish research, share experiences, and strive to develop governance resources for society by engaging in well-known problems and critical goals of good governance.

“We are now seeing a critical moment for alternative governance models and we believe this is a great opportunity. The lab will be led by Purpose Foundation co-founder Camille Canon, ”said Kickstarter co-founder Perry Chen and CEO Aziz Hasan.

The Purpose Foundation is a US-based organization that builds and scales alternative ownership and management models. Kickstarter noted that blockchain will give platform users ease of crowdfunding, multiple opportunities for ecosystem development, and effective participation in protocol governance.

“We chose Celo, an open source, carbon-neutral platform. This is the best technology and great community for building our protocol. We are inspired by the thoughtful approach of the developers of the Celo ecosystem to create the technologies that they want to see in the world, ”the article says.

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As a reminder, back in 2018, Boomstarter, the largest Russian crowdfunding platform in the field of business and technology, announced the creation of Boomstarter.Network based on the blockchain. The platform was indeed launched, but no significant success was reported.

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