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Kiev says it has destroyed 15 Russian warships since the start of the war

The Ukrainian army claimed today that his operations resulted in the destruction of a total of 15 warships of the Russian Navy in the Black Sea since the start of the Russian invasion and that another 12 vessels were damaged. The Ukraine has stepped up its attacks in the Black Sea and Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014. This fall, Kiev has announced a series of attacks on warships, including a large amphibious assault ship and a submarine, in the region, according to the APE-MEP.

“You can count the ones that have already been put out of business. Is 15 ships destroyed and 12 damaged. Not all disasters are the result of the use of drones, but they have many damaged ships to their credit,” explained Navy spokesman Dmytro Pletenchuk speaking on public television. He even called Ukraine a “pioneer in a new kind of naval war, because of which Russia was forced to move its naval forces to positions that are difficult for Kiev to hit” with the capabilities it has today.

Russia it also faces logistical problems, he said, because it has to take ships to Novorossiysk and, intermittently, to Tuapse, two ports in southeast Crimea, farther from Ukraine. Reuters was unable to independently verify this information. Russia does not usually announce damage to its military assets and says it is repelling most Ukrainian attacks.

The Ukrainian military says its operations in the Black Sea so far include strikes on the Russian Navy’s headquarters in Sevastopol and the Kerch shipyard, where a vessel that had not yet joined the Black Sea fleet was destroyed.

Source: News Beast

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