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Kim Jong Un ‘smokes like a chimney, drinks too much and is very fat’

The South Korean secret services are talking about Kim Jong Un’s physical and psychological decline, underlining that the North Korean leader has sunk into a “vicious cycle” of drinking, smoking, insomnia and being overweight. According to a report by the secret services of South Korea, as reported by the New York Post, Kim Jong Un, while in the last two years he had managed to control his weight by losing several kilos, he finally gained it back and in fact has now exceeded 140 kilos. He is also said to have become addicted to alcohol and cigarettes, consuming “excessive amounts” of both, but also to suffer from “severe sleep disturbances” due to anxiety, which has led him to take drugs such as zolpidem. “In his last appearance on May 16, he looked very tired,” Yoo Sang-bum, a member of South Korea’s parliamentary intelligence committee, said at a briefing on Kim Jong Un’s health. Citing South Korean Intelligence, […]
Source: News Beast

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