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Kim Kardashian and Julia Fox at Milan Fashion Week, feeling to the skin

In the swirl of style and celebs of the current Milan Fashion Week, two characters that have recently been talked about a lot could only end up in the à la page viewfinder. Kim Kardashian and Julia Fox they have never been so united: we have been writing and discussing them for months. In their cross destiny the meeting point responds to the name of Kanye West aka Ye, ex-husband of the heiress and fresh ex-boyfriend of the actress with whom the entrepreneur rapper had a flash relationship immediately after breaking up with Kim.


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If Kardashian has been dictating the law in terms of fashion trends for years, Fox is a neophyte on which great fashion expectations are already poured out. And the girl does not disappoint: just think that she already has her own signature of style, i boots pant, or rather the trousers that form a whole with the sharp-heeled boots. In short, Julia has enough material to be fully considered the rising star in the fashion world, having already participated in the Haute Couture events in Paris and debuted on the catwalk in New York for the Fall / Winter 2022-23 fashion show. by LaQuan Smith.

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Quite natural, therefore, to see her as a guest at the Milan fashion shows, specifically in the Diesel front row. The protagonist of Uncut Gems came under the flashes of photographers wrapped in un total look in PVC leather in the citrus nuance. For her, cropped bomber jacket with silver buttons and high-waisted trousers (with built-in heels) combined with latex gloves and black bralette with a visible navel. Fox completed the ensemble with a matching yellow handbag and silver hoop earrings, as well as a make-up that went viral due to the white graphics on her eyes and dark lipstick.

Julia Fox in Milan. Getty photo

Stefania M. D’Alessandro

Source: Vanity Fair

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