Kim Kardashian wins Lady Diana’s crucifix. After Marilyn Monroe, will she play the role of princess?

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The celebrated Atallah cross belonged to Lady D it is a more unique than rare piece and it was to be expected that once the auction opened, the starting price, set between the 80 and 120 thousand pounds from the auction house Sotheby’s, it would have seemed ridiculous. In fact, it took a good 163,800 pounds – around €190,000 – to decree the final buyer: Kim Kardashian.

Lady Diana, one of her most original jewels is up for auction

It will be the Sotheby’s auction house to auction the legendary Attallah amethyst cross worn by the Princess of Wales and never seen since her disappearance. A rare, precious and decidedly eccentric jewel that will delight collectors

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The jewel is said to have been one of the favorite pieces of Diana Spencer, created in 20s by jewelers of Garrard court. In everyone’s eyes remains the image of the princess when she flaunted it, combining it with a designer dress Catherine Walker, in October 1987 for a benefit gala in support of Birthright, charity working for the protection of human rights during pregnancy and childbirth.

The fleurée-style pendant measures 136x95mm and is composed of 11 amethysts cut, enhanced with round cut diamonds, totaling approx 5.25 carats.

Dwarfingly beautiful, the cross didn’t really belong to Diana. The owner was the businessman and writer Naim Attallah – from which it takes its name – who bought it in the 80s. Diana she was able to wear the precious only thanks to the friendship that bound the two and, to make everything even more fascinating, she is the only one to have done so… or at least until now.

Diana Spencer in Catherine Walker and the Atallah cross around her neck

Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

Now the jewel is in the hands of its new owner Kim Kardashian and, of course, the immediate reactions of social media could not fail to arrive which, with a pinch of irony, commented on the new “purchase” of the super influencer. «He’s trying to traumatize the ghosts of iconic women» comment some, while others let the ever-effective memes, like the one in which the user writes: «Kim Kardashian at the deceased celebrity memorabilia shop».

The passion for historical garments that have had a single owner seems to be a real «fetish” Of Kim Kardashian which, of course, cannot fail to bring to mind when she wore the iconic Marilyn Monroe dress during the 2022 Met Gala.

Kim Kardashian in Marilyn Monroe’s Jean Louis dress

Gotham/Getty Images

That the founder of SKIMS is preparing iThe next outfit for the Met Gala 2023? Although the theme is centered on Karl Lagerfeld, it is reasonable to expect the unexpected. On the other hand, Kim has accustomed us to incredible surprises.

Source: Vanity Fair

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