Home Politics KINAL ELECTIONS: Leading lead for N. Androulaki – G. Papandreou in the second round

KINAL ELECTIONS: Leading lead for N. Androulaki – G. Papandreou in the second round

KINAL ELECTIONS: Leading lead for N. Androulaki – G. Papandreou in the second round


With an unexpected turnout that exceeded all expectations and expectations by gathering more than 270,000 voters over the KINAL ballot box, the first round of the internal party elections showed a clear winner Nikos Androulakis. In the “breast to breast” battle he gave with Andreas Loverdos, George Papandreou was the first to cut the thread and pass to the second round of the internal party elections that will take place next Sunday, December 12.

“My strength is the base of the party and those who want it proud and strong”, said Nikos Androulakis to the journalists and to the applause of the party supporters for its dominance in the first round of the internal party elections. “I will honor their mandate for renewal. The democratic faction is returning, PASOK is returning,” he said emphatically.

The difference between Mr. Androulakis (close to 10 points) and George Papandreou provoked scenarios about the possible withdrawal of the former prime minister from the second electoral contest in order to maintain unity.

Scenarios that he closed hermetically with a statement a little later, calling everyone “into battle” next Sunday.

“This Sunday we achieved the goal of mobilizing a large number of progressive citizens en masse”, noted Mr. Papandreou to add:

“Next Sunday, the citizens who honored us today with their magnificent participation will decide the fate of the party, they decide on the future, they decide on the course of our movement, they decide on its values ​​and its progressive identity. “Thank you all for participating and I invite you to next Sunday’s battle.”

It was laconic the statement of Andreas Loverdos who finished third. He thanked the citizens for their participation, without opening his papers about who he will support in the next round, who will also judge the new president of KINAL / PASOK.

“I want to thank from the bottom of my heart the citizens who participated in this celebration of Democracy. I want to apologize for the hours they waited at the polls. I want to say as loudly as possible that PASOK has a future. I continue loudly, with modesty and unity “, Mr. Loverdos stated characteristically.

The percentages

With the counted 91,77% of votes in the territory, the candidates collect:

Nikos Androulakis: 36,96%

George Papandreou: 27,82%

Andreas Loverdos: 26,03%

Pavlos Christidis: 3,25%

Pavlos Geroulanos: 2,98%

Harris Kastanidis: 2,96%

THE Nikos Androulakis dominated in southern Greece -including Crete-, prevailed in North and to central Greece.

THE George Papandreou first in west Greece. In Attica voted the majority Andreas Loverdos.

Participation record

Voter turnout in the election process for the new president of KINAL was impressive as it was estimated at 276,000, a number that broke the barrier of 212,000 citizens who had voted in 2017 in the movement’s first leadership elections.

The large turnout led the Committee on Ethics for the Implementation of the Articles of Association and Certification (EDEKAP) to decide to extend the electoral process by 1 hour. That is, instead of ending at 7 pm, it ended at 8 pm, while in addition there was an “silent” extension where people waited to vote even after this time.

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Source From: Capital


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