KINAL to the government: ‘How much more has the citizen paid for electricity since last year and how much do the energy producers?’

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“Apart from timidity and inaction, the government is also distinguished by arrogance,” KINAL said in a statement, noting that “the delayed response of the government to the energy crisis and the panic that has gripped it, have resulted in questions that simply confirm the correctness of our proposal “.

According to KINAL, in its proposal the increase limit is 10%, while the margin based on the government proposal is between 20% and 30%.

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“The comparison is obvious. The cost of the measure we are proposing will be close to a maximum of 1.5 billion euros,” it said.

“As far as energy supply concerns are concerned, our proposal is complete at this point as well. There is a mechanism for restoring suppliers who sell below cost, in a way that excludes surplus profits from wholesalers and those who reap them.” .

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“We remind in each case the mechanism of the Last Shelter Supplier”, comments KINAL, emphasizing that “we want the electricity market to work fairly for everyone, energy companies and consumers”.

As it is emphasized, “the number of installments does not concern the whole bill but the excessive charges of the last months. It gives us the impression that last night the prime minister boasted that his measures absorb the adjustment clause but today his party wants consumers to pay Here and Now”.

Concluding, KINAL raises the following questions to the government: “How much has the citizen paid more compared to last year? How much to the state? And how much to the energy producers?”

Source: Capital

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