KINAL will initially say ‘yes’ to the bill on fan violence

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“Yes” to the bill on fan violence, in principle, the Movement for Change will vote, as stated earlier today the special speaker, Dimitris Konstantopoulos, who had reserved for his final stance in plenary.

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“The Movement for Change, in the spirit of fruitful programmatic and constructive opposition and, of course, with respect for the human losses, which touch us all and which have led to fan violence and hooliganism, and noting that we believe first in the prevention and then in the suppression of “Violence, we say yes in the beginning”, said Mr. Konstantopoulos, adding that the Movement for Change says “yes”, with a sense of responsibility that belongs to it, as a party with a fruitful program speech and not a party with crowns anywhere.

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At the same time, Mr. Konstantopoulos once again called on the government to study the proposals of the Movement for Change, for the benefit of the sporting ideal, the noble rivalry and the good fight. “In order to combat fan violence, it is necessary to propose its prevention through education and within the school,” said the MP of the Movement for Change, who stressed, however, that there are problematic provisions in the bill, which his party will not vote for.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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