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King Charles and “the affectionate nickname that Nelson Mandela gave to Queen Elizabeth”

It was April 15, 1947 when the Queen Elizabeth, still heir to the throne at the time, he delivered his first – and iconic – speech to the nation: «I declare before all of you that my whole life, long or short, it will be dedicated to your service and that of large imperial family to which we all belong”. Words that came by radio from Cape Town and that today his son Charles he recalls in his prime state reception. Along with an anecdote that says a lot about the sovereign’s friendship with Nelson Mandela.

“It was his 21st birthday» says the new king during the solemn banquet. “My mother often remembered that his visit, the year before I was born, when he swore allegiance to the Commonwealth. That’s why the South Africa it has always been a part of my life. She’s really exciting and special, so that’s you our first guests», he affirms addressing the South African president Cyril Ramaphosa and his wife Tshepo Motsepe.

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“During my trip to South Africain 1997, the president Nelson Mandela he confessed to me that he gave a my mother a particular nickname», adds Carlo, revealing the curious anecdote with an ironic key. «Motlalepulawhat does it mean “come with the rain”. They explained to me that it was the testimony of great affection he had for her, certainly not a remark about the British habit of carrying themselves with them bad weather».

The English king, during his speech, then praises the determination of the South Africans who, following important examples, they built the democracy. And finally it even seems to allude to the prickly colonial question. “There are elements in the story that provoke a deep pain, it is essential to try to analyze them. As I have said to Commonwealth leaders, it is crucial recognize them to unlock the power of our common future».

So Carlo looks ahead. But Without to forget what was.

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