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King Charles, from new projects to his relationship with Harry: the challenges of his 75 years

King Charles III is the protagonist of the latest issue of The Big Issue, who dedicates the cover to him on the occasion of his birthday 75 years old: the photo was taken by the photographer and director Rankinthe same one commissioned by Buckingham Palace to take the official shot for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Elizabeth II.

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Inside, an article by Carlo himself, announcing the Coronation Food Project of the sovereign: a plan of food recovery from 200 million meals to be distributed in the community, which will involve various charities. An ambitious project, which arrives almost at the end of a year full of events and celebrations for the royal family, but also of thoughts, caused above all by the memoir of Harry, Spare. The Duke of Sussex will not be at his father’s birthday party. At first there were rumors of a rejection of the invitation from the Palace, but then things became clearer: not only did no one invite Harry, but Buckingham Palace didn’t even bother to let him know that there would be a family reunion .

King Charles and the royal birthday: this is how he will celebrate his 75th birthday
Lots of charity, a gala dinner and a small party with friends and close relatives: here are Charles of England’s plans for his first birthday as sovereign

Charles will celebrate 75 years first at Highgrove and Dumfries House, in a public way, and then at Clarence House with the reunited family. The distance of his second son on the one hand brings him relief (it seems that he has expressed the desire that no one mention his name) on the other it saddens him. “He still feels great pain from Harry’s attacks,” we read on Daily Mail, which reports the words of a source close to the royal family.

And it is not something linked only to recent events, because relations were notoriously tense even when Queen Elizabeth was still alive. “There is a undeniable anger at the anguish the King believes Harry has caused the late Queen in the last years of his life, not to mention the insults he poured on his wife Camilla, towards whom Carlo is understandably protective”, revealed the insider. The level of communication between the parties is practically nil, even if the king would not want to definitively close the doors to his son. In this, however, Camilla also plays an important role, as she is apparently pushing to remove the possibility of a reconciliation. Big words would fly between her and Carlo, and not for the first time.

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King Charles and Camilla argued because of Harry: “Insults were flown”
It seems that the Queen has forbidden Harry from staying on royal estates without warning. A decision that would have sent the king into a rage. Hence the quarrel between royal spouses, with Camilla allegedly shouting at her husband: “Be a man and stop feeling guilty”

A completely different relationship, however, exists between Carlo and his firstborn. “He and the Prince of Wales are now firmly united around a shared common interest, which is to keep the institution in a place where it can serve the nation,” the insider said.

On the one hand the family challenges, therefore, on the other those imposed by the role, which, all things considered, are the ones that scare the king the least: «Climbing the throne reinvigorated him», assures those who know him well. After all, it’s a role he’s been preparing for his entire life.

Source: Vanity Fair

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