King Charles III: Reportedly told Harry to go to Balmoral with Meghan

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A strong background seems to have existed in the Palace shortly before him death of elizabeth iias the king of the united kingdom, charles iii behaves to tell his son Harry not to go to Balmoral Castle with his wife Meghan to see his dying grandmother.

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According to her publication Sunin the hours preceding the death of the 96-year-old monarch and while members of the royal family rushed to find her side, her son Charles made it clear to his younger son by phone that Meghan would not be welcome at Balmoral.

It is reminded that Harry and Meghan were in Britain when Elizabeth’s health began to deteriorate dramatically and it began to appear that the end was inevitable. Despite the ups and downs in the Sussexes’ relationship with the palace in recent years and their move to the US, Harry has always enjoyed a particularly tender relationship with his grandmother, and it was certainly a boon that she wasn’t millions of miles away when the fatal thing happened, and that he was able to mourn in his own country.

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However, shortly before Elizabeth passed away and as the royal family’s anxiety peaked, harry and meghan have reportedly caused further… confusion by announcing through a spokesperson that they would both be traveling from Windsor to Balmoral, Scotland.

It was an initiative that caught the palace by surprise and resulted in a major upheaval at an already difficult time for members of the royal family, several of whom…couldn’t believe their ears when they heard about the Sussexes’ announcement.

According to the Sun, Prince Harry was at Frogmore Cottage when he received a call from his father, who asked him to travel to Scotland alone and not with Meghan. “Charles told Harry it would be wrong and inappropriate for Meghan to be at Balmoral at such a sad time”a img told the paper.

“It was pointed out to him that Kate would not be going either and that only very close relatives should be at Elizabeth’s side. Charles made it very, very clear that Meghan would not be welcome.”

Meanwhile the Telegraph reported that Harry had not initially been invited to Balmoral either when he sounded the alarm to Queen Elizabeth’s children and grandchildren that the end was near, even though his brother William had been notified at once. The reasons, according to the newspaper, were constitutional.

A img from the environment of the royal family noted that “it’s hard to spend time with someone who you know is soon going to publish a revealing book about you”. It is clear that the Sussex couple’s “frosty relationship” with the palace could not be forgotten in an instant, despite the painful times that all members of the royal family were undoubtedly experiencing.

Source: News Beast

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