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Kiss nightclub 10 years: anniversary of the tragedy is marked by tributes

A series of tributes has been held since Wednesday (25) to remember the memory of the 242 people who died in the fire at the Kiss nightclub, in the city of Santa Maria (RS), which turns ten this Friday (27).

The Association of Relatives of Victims and Survivors of the Tragédia de Santa Maria (AVTSM), with support from the City Hall and other organizations, prepared a schedule that includes speech collages, documentary screening, vigil and mass.

“The actions carried out are intended to preserve the memory of those who left and build a safe future for those who stayed here”, points out the AVTSM. The intervention was named ‘January 27: rescuing the memory is building the future’.”

On Wednesday (25), phrases and photographs were collaged from Praça Saldanha Marinho –where the tributes are concentrated– to the building where the nightclub operated.

On Thursday (26), there was a reception, speeches by parents and survivors and the screening of the first episode of the documentary “Boate Kiss – A Tragédia de Santa Maria”, by GloboPlay, at Theatro Treze de Maio. Other activities were made for those who didn’t want to attend.

At the end of the night, there was a vigil with a walk from the square to the building where the Nightclub Kiss operated.

On this 27th, the tenth anniversary of the tragedy, there will be an ecumenical service at 10 am in Saldanha Marinho square. There too, at 13:45, there will be a release of balloons.

During the afternoon, there will be a series of dialogues with AVTSM representatives and specialists about the legal process involving the case and also about the importance of fire prevention.

Also present will be a representative of the association Familias Por La Vida, which brings together families and survivors of the tragedy of Cromañón, also a fire in a nightclub, in Argentina, which occurred in 2004.

In the evening, there will be the participation of the collective “Kiss: que não se repea”, created at the end of 2013 to “be a space for individual venting about the grief experienced after the fire”. They carry out annual projects and face-to-face mobilizations, presenting themselves as “the largest information and memory network about the fire”.

Journalist Daniela Arbex, who wrote a book about the case and served as a creative consultant for the Netflix series “Todo Dia a Mesma Noite”, will be present.

THE CNN , she stated that the tragedy should not fall by the wayside. “I always say that pain hurts the most when it is ignored. So, we need to show the country that collective omission breeds barbarism. In this case, and in all other tragedies in Brazil, if we don’t build memory, we repeat it”, she pointed out.

The participation of journalist Marcelo Canellas, director of the Globoplay series on the case, is also expected.

On Saturday (28), at 8 pm, there will be a mass in honor of the 242 people who died in the fire.


After the end of the process that seeks accountability for the fire at the nightclub, the building where the nightclub operated will be demolished and will give way to a memorial.

The facade will have a concrete and brick wall that blocks the view of virtually all of the interior. The entrance and exit is in an opening in the middle. According to the architect Felipe Zene Motta, responsible for the project, “the austerity of the facade represents mourning”.

In the central part of the interior there is a circular garden surrounded by 242 wooden pillars. Each of them will have the name of a victim and a support to place a flower.

There will also be three environments in addition to the garden: an auditorium; a multipurpose room, which will house the collection of a permanent multimedia exhibition; and a “single room”, which will house the AVTSM headquarters, as well as other meeting areas and collective activities.

All these areas can be accessed through “pivoting doors” made up of wooden pillars in specific sections.

Source: CNN Brasil

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