Kissinger: Supports Ukraine’s NATO Membership – ‘Neutrality Makes No Sense’

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The 99-year-old Henry Kissinger spoke via video call at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and noted that the Ukraine must become a member of it NATOas its “neutrality” makes no sense in the current context.

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Before this war, I was against it to the prospect of Ukraine joining NATO because I feared it would cause exactly what we see unfolding now,” he said.

With today’s conditions, the “neutrality” of Ukraine is meaningless and he added that “Ukraine’s accession to NATO would be appropriate» once the conflict is resolved.

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He also pointed out how everything possible must be done to prevent a frontal military conflict between the West and Russia and to maintain channels of communication with Moscow in order to give it the opportunity to join the international system once a peace agreement is reached.

“The US has supported the Ukrainian resistance, it should continue to support it and, if necessary, step up military aid until a ceasefire is reached or (a ceasefire) is agreed to hold peace talks,” the former US top diplomat said on Nixon and Ford presidencies.

Source: News Beast

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