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Kissinger’s meeting with Mao Zedong and the latter’s reaction to his wife’s height

Henry Kissinger passed away at the age of 100, a historical form of American diplomacy, but which had particularly controversial dimensions. The US Secretary of State during the days of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford was at the center of power during the most critical events of the last century.

Henry Kissinger played a key role in US rapprochement with Mao Zedong’s (1949-1976) China, making top-secret trips to Beijing to organize former US President Richard Nixon’s historic visit to the Chinese capital in 1972.

This approach put an end to the isolation of the Asian giant and contributed to the rapid rise of its power on the world stage, above all at the level of the economy.

On the occasion of his death, his life and his role are making rounds on the internet. One notable video shows Mao enamored with Nancy Kissinger, but also surprised by the pair’s great height difference.

Henry Kissinger, who celebrated his 100th birthday in May, continued to be a privileged interlocutor with many of the world’s powerful people, even though he was no longer in charge of American foreign policy for decades.

In July, when he went to Beijing and was received by China’s president, Xi Jinping called him a “legendary diplomat.”

Source: News Beast

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