KKE: ‘Defense’ agreement with US exposes Greek people to great dangers

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“The Greek-American ‘defense’ agreement, which the ND government is submitting for a vote in Parliament, is in fact a defeated aggression agreement, which turns the whole country into a base for military engagement in US-NATO plans, but at the same time a possible “in retaliation for the escalating rivalry between the Euro-Atlantic camp and Russia,” the KKE said in a statement.

“With this Agreement, which is for 5 years and then extended indefinitely, the entire Greek territory is transformed into a vast American-NATO imperialist stronghold, providing for the upgrading of existing military bases, the creation of new ones, the provision of new camps, the provision of other camps. for the US military needs, with the list including Souda, Alexandroupolis, Larissa, Stefanovikeio, Volos, Litochoro, but also other facilities in the territory.

All of this infrastructure – as the KKE has warned for years – is being used as bridges for the advancement and deployment of US-NATO forces and weapons systems in Eastern Europe as part of a NATO-led military-led military mobilization. in Ukraine and the possibility of its escalation and expansion.

The role played by these infrastructures has been repeatedly “targeted” by Russia, a fact that highlights the great dangers that arise for the Greek people, through such agreements that literally put the country in the “wolf’s mouth” “points out the KKE and criticizes both the government and the official opposition, but also the KINAL that supports this Agreement.

“The government of ND, which undertakes to ratify this dangerous Agreement, in view of the Mitsotaki-Biden meeting, assumes enormous and historical responsibilities towards the Greek people. Equally great are the responsibilities of SYRIZA, which laid the foundations for this Agreement. , through the “Strategic Dialogue with the USA”, launching the above infrastructures, as well as the other parties, eg KINAL, which support this policy. its strategic identification with the ND government.

After all, the age-old argument of all Greek governments, that with the proliferation of US-NATO bases in our country “security and borders are shielded against Turkish aggression” is historically bankrupt. The US and NATO are currently bargaining with “ally” Turkey on the basis of maintaining NATO cohesion. After two months of war, when the American bases in Greece are working “in full”, a record of overflights and violations of the Greek airspace have been recorded, Turkish exercises have been carried out with scenarios of landing and occupation of an island – obviously Greek – and with the presence of Americans and others. NATO officials. While recently the Minister of National Defense of Greece stated that “it is not a good time to say things against Turkey in NATO”.

The Agreement with the USA ultimately serves the goal of the geostrategic upgrade of the Greek capital and for the sake of its own interests the Greek governments take on the role of “leader” in the imperialist plans and competitions, exposing the Greek people to great dangers. This, after all, is confirmed by the special reference to the business and trade agreements that accompany the military agreement “, the KKE notes and emphasizes, concluding in its announcement:

“Today, as the imperialist war escalates and the risk of its escalation increases, even with the use of the most sophisticated and destructive weapons, it is a matter of ‘life and death’ to form and strengthen a popular front, with the aim of eliminating these shameful Aggressive Agreements, to close the foreign military bases in the country, to return the Greek military missions from abroad, to free Greece from war plans and scenarios, but also from the murderous alliances of NATO and the EU with the people in power “.


Source: Capital

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