KKE: The release of the criminal N. Michos offends the victims of Golden Dawn

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“Today’s decision of the Five-Member Court of Appeal of Suspensions of Athens, for the release of the convicted criminal goldsmith Nikos Michos, provokes the popular feeling and offends the victims of the criminal action of the Nazi Golden Dawn, despite the prosecutor’s opposite proposal” emphasizes the KKE in a comment.

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“This decision comes in addition to a series of similar ones for the release of other convicted gold diggers in the trial of the criminal Nazi organization. about a year the Court in the criminal goldsmiths “points out the KKE and concludes its comment:

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“No complacency. Popular vigilance and organization of the struggle for the isolation of fascists everywhere and for the overthrow of the rotten system, which gives birth to and feeds the fascist and Nazi abortions.”


Source From: Capital

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