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Kraftwerk: more than a concert, a unique experience

Atmosphere electricrather electronicsto the Arcimboldi Theater from Milan for the long awaited date of the Kraftwerk, expected in 2020 and finally recovered. In the intervening time, one of the two founders of the band, Florian Schneiderdied of cancer in April 2020 at the age of 73, and the organization added a date to accommodate the hundreds of unanswered requests.
The Kraftwerks are there absolute legend of electronic soundrevered as only i Beatles both in their sixties and in their twenties. Their aesthetics Made of pulsating rhythms And computerized stamps he influenced dozens of European and American bands. If it seems natural enough to call them i fathers of English synth pop (Depeche Mode And New Order above all), it is more surprising to think that a lot black music of the 80s recognizes them as the greatest inspiration (among the most famous: Africa Bambaataa And Blake Baxter).
Their live show is kind of artistic performance which has nothing to do with the typical rock concert. Four workstations similar to keyboards, but actually hiding four computerfour motionless musicians for the duration of the show, a continuous flow of overwhelming rhythms commented by 3D video projections which possess the same characteristics as the band’s music: a relative one simplicitya perfect one aesthetic precision and an admirable synthesis of past and future.
Having no record to promote for twenty years now, Kraftwerk present a show that is in effect a playlist of their great and unforgettable hits: Autobahn, Radioactivity, Trans-Europe Express, The Model, Tour De France and many others. Always shocking and spectacular the entry on the scene of the mechanical dancing dolls who for years have replaced real musicians for the funk rendition of their classic The Robots.

Sold out for the two Milanese dates, but it has always been like this everywhere: Ral Hütterthe only original component still part of the Ktaftwerk, is now a kind of Bob Dylan electronicperpetually traveling around the globe to enjoy the triumphs of an hopelessly glorious career, which started from the gloomy city of Düsseldorf now more than fifty years ago.

Francesco Prandoni

Source: Vanity Fair

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