Kraken CEO is confident in Bitcoin growth to $ 200,000 this year

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Jesse Powell still believes that one bitcoin will be worth $ 200,000 by the end of the year. reported in a recent interview with Bloomberg TV.


“I’m already googling information on how to sell a kidney,” Powell joked when answering a question about whether to buy bitcoins. In doing so, he also added that people are willing to exclusively eat ramen in order to save money and buy BTC at current levels.


Bitcoin isn’t falling, it’s just a correction

Over the past month and a half, the bitcoin rate has fallen in price by 43%, but Powell considers this to be a “slight correction.”


“We’ve already gone through all this. Cryptocurrencies are a roller coaster ride. To ride them, you need to have nerves of iron and a strong stomach. Those who survive will get rich. ”


Don’t spend your last pennies on BTC

Powell has no doubts that BTC will grow, but at the same time he does not advise investors to take risks by buying bitcoin with their last money.


“People shouldn’t invest more than they are willing to lose. This is still a very risky investment. ”


Yet in the long term, bitcoin is, according to Paeull, “an absolutely fantastic investment.”

Square CEO Jack Dorsey also recently stated that he believes in Bitcoin’s bullish potential. Earlier it became known that Square is going to create a hardware wallet for the first cryptocurrency. Dorsey believes that Bitcoin is money for everyone, and a hardware wallet will help make it go mainstream.

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