Kremlin ’empties’ Erdogan: No Putin-Zelensky-mediated meeting scheduled

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The Kremlin has not received any formal proposals from Turkey on its proposed mediation for its settlement Ukrainian crisis and does not prepare for a meeting of Russian presidents Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky, following a relevant initiative of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said earlier today the spokesman for the Russian president Dmitry Peshkov.

He expressed interest, however, in Ankara’s idea of ​​inviting representatives Donbass, the Russian-speaking region in Eastern Ukraine,.

“We mainly hear statements made by Ankara. We can welcome any attempt to resolve the situation in Ukraine. We have also heard statements that our Turkish colleagues are ready to invite representatives of Dobas. This is a very important element. “We paid attention to that,” Peshkov said, adding that it would be interesting to know how The Ukrainian side is facing the issue, as broadcast by APE BPE.

The Kremlin also clarified that there is no preparation for a bilateral meeting between Putin and Zelensky mediated by RT Erdogan, but neither The Russian president’s program includes telephone conversations with his Turkish counterpart, although “they can be done quickly when needed.”

“We can be a mediator for peace,” said the Turkish president

It is recalled that Turkey, a NATO member, maintains good ties with Kiev and Moscow, but opposes in Russian policies in Syria and Libya as well as in the annexation of the Crimean peninsula in 2014.

Moscow, for its part, had reject previous proposals for mediation by Ankara following the sale of Turkish drones to Ukraine.

Despite the above, in recent days the Turkish president appears to want the role of ombudsman between the two countries. “Any development in the Russia-Ukraine region, from border violations to the outbreak of war, will lead to a serious breach of regional peace and will cause severe difficulty in the region “, Erdogan stressed on Friday.

He told reporters in Istanbul that Ankara had very good relations with Ukraine and that its ties with Moscow were moving forward “with a peaceful way which has never existed in our history. “

“We can not accept that these positive developments turn into negative ones between Russia and Ukraine. “Therefore, we can be a mediator for peace between Russia and Ukraine.”

Finally, he said that he might visit Moscow to discuss the issue with him Putin, but without giving further details: “I have planned a visit to Ukraine. “In the meantime, it is possible to talk to Putin by phone or visit Moscow.”

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