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Kremlin: Kaliningrad’s supply problem remains

The Kremlin said today it expects progress on a possible European deal to allow Russia to move certain goods, which are subject to sanctions, to the Kaliningrad enclave through the EU, but that the problem has not been resolved.

Lithuania in June banned Russia from sending some products, such as ferrous metals, subject to EU sanctions through its territory, a move that angered Moscow and promised retaliation.

Despite Russian warnings of retaliation, Vilnius on Monday expanded the list of products covered by the ban to include cement, timber and alcohol.

“There is no finalization of the situation yet. We expect some progress but we cannot say that the problem is gone,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said today, responding to reports that a deal between the EU and Russia may be close. in order to allow the shipments of some cargoes.

The governor of the Kaliningrad region said the ban would affect up to half of the goods transported between the Russian mainland and the enclave. The railway management company in Lithuania estimates that around 15% of freight by volume will be affected.

Source: Capital

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