Kuroda says he will ease monetary policy further without hesitation as needed

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Haruhiko Kuroda, Governor of the Bank of Japan (BoJ), has reiterated that the central bank “will further relax the policy without hesitation as needed“while speaking at his press conference after the monetary policy meeting scheduled for Wednesday.

Additional comments

It has been a virtuous growth cycle supported by exports and factory production.

Price trends remain strong.

The economic situation inside and outside Japan will be closely monitored, including the tankan and purchasing managers report.

Nervous movements are happening in the global financial markets.

Attention will be paid to market concerns about Evergrande.

Business sector shows positive growth, but household consumption remains weak.

China’s economy is growing steadily, the American economy is recovering rapidly.

There is no need to anticipate that the slowdown in the US and Chinese economies will cause external demand to falter.

The US economy is returning to pre-coronavirus levels and external demand must remain strong.


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