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Kuroda says household spending remains weak due to coronavirus measures

Additional comments from the Governor of the Bank of Japan (BoJ), Haruhiko Kuroda, at the press conference after the monetary policy meeting.

Household spending remains weak due to the measures against the coronavirus and the state of emergency.

Private consumption is expected to rebound once coronavirus infections subside.

Wage growth remains small.

The increase in wages has been relatively moderate.

I don’t think weak wage growth is the cause of weak consumption.

The cautious activity of people under coronavirus is weighing on consumption.

Suppressed demand will help consumption to recover.

I don’t think the volume of first trades under the climate change program is great.

Evergrande has problems in part of China’s real estate problem, not related to the covid.

He believes that the regulatory measures of the Chinese authorities to prevent the economic bubble are appropriate.

He does not believe that China’s regulations adversely affect China and the world economy.


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