Kurtz supports Netanyahu, who is in danger of losing power

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His support for the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin NetanyahuAustrian Federal Chancellor and leader of the People’s Party Sebastian Kurtz has expressed concern over the possible imminent loss of power.

In a videotaped message, he thanked him, among other things, for “good cooperation in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic” and praised the success of the Israeli Prime Minister with the vaccination program.

“You were the one who, at the beginning of last year, was the first to warn me of the massive danger of the coronavirus, and thus Austria, through tough measures taken early, passed the first wave of the pandemic relatively effectively,” he said. Sebastian Kurtz as broadcast by the Athenian News Agency.

«I was very impressed by the effectiveness of the vaccination program in Israel“, He points out and refers to the announcement for cooperation in the research and production of vaccines that had taken place during his visit to Israel in March.

«Thank you once again, I greatly appreciate our cooperation and partnership and send my best wishes to Israel“, The Austrian Chancellor emphasizes in his videotaped message, which was posted on Twitter by the Israeli Prime Minister, commenting on it with the words:” Thank you, my friend, Chancellor of Austria “.

During the recent Israeli bombardment of Gaza and the firing of rockets by Hamas into Israeli areas, the Austrian Chancellor, in solidarity with Israel, had decided to raise the Israeli flag for a three-day period in the buildings of the Vienna.

The incident provoked various reactions both in Austria and abroad, including the strong protest of the ambassadors of the Arab countries in Vienna.

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