Kyiv: ‘Volunteers’ from 55 countries fight on the side of the Ukrainian armed forces

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Volunteers from a total of fifty-five countries are taking part in the war against Russian troops in Ukraine, according to the Coalition for Ukraine, a foreign unit integrated into the Ukrainian army.

A spokesman for the unit told the German news agency on Monday that the volunteers had gone to Ukraine mainly from Britain and the United States, as well as Poland, Canada, Germany, Brazil, the Baltic states, Australia and South Korea. and the Nordic countries, in particular Finland.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has invited volunteers from around the world to join what he calls an international legion to fight the Russian army, which invaded his country on February 24.

The representative of the unit of foreigners, Damien Magrou, yesterday rejected the accusation that they are mercenaries. The volunteers are part of the Ukrainian army and are funded by the budget of the Ministry of Defense, he assured.

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The funding covers “all expenses, for housing, soldiers’ salaries, weapons and ammunition”. Western donors are also funding the power of foreigners, he said, insisting that the funds donated “are spent solely on equipping our soldiers”.

Moscow, which describes foreign fighters as mercenaries, says thousands have been killed on the battlefield and many more have been taken prisoner.


Source: Capital

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