Kylie Jenner shares tender photos with her baby who, by the way, still has no name

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At the beginning of February of this year, the second child of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott was born, and despite wanting to take care of the little one’s privacy, unlike Stormi, the model recently published some photos on her social networks.

In these new images you can take a closer look at the baby. Also, unlike the previous photos, it is possible to appreciate his adorable curls, although his face is still hidden. And it is that, as you will remember, Kylie has not only hidden her face from us, but also the final name of the little one.

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Kylie Jenner with her two children from behind

This is because the socialite has maintained strict privacy regulations. And although her pregnancy was more public than that of her eldest daughter, the birth was shared in the program The Kardashiansbut the child’s face and name are not.

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It was through her Instagram account that Kylie shared some of the photos. In one of them we see the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenners with her two children behind her back, while in another we can appreciate the adorable image of the businesswoman also playing in the garden with her little one.

Kylie jenner with her little son in the garden

The truth is that seeing her in her role as a mother causes a lot of tenderness, because previously we had already seen her being loving with her little Stormi, and now with the baby she shows us the happy side of her motherhood.

On the other hand, regarding the first name that Kylie had thought of for her second son, whom, by the way, they still call Wolf“, Some time ago, the model suggested that she was not yet sure that this would be the final name of the little one, but despite the fact that she said that she would change it, she has not done so. She though she assured that she maybe she will share it in the third season of the show.

Kylie jenner playing with her son

However, a few weeks ago a rumor emerged that the child’s name will be Angel, but it is only speculation, so we will have to wait for Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott to decide.

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