Kyriakidou: What is spent on health is an investment for the future

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Strengthening the global health safety architecture is one of the EU’s key objectives, said EU Health and Food Safety Commissioner Stella Kyriakidou Speaking at the G20 Health Ministers’ Meeting, he noted that what is being spent on health “is an investment for the future”.

“I am grateful that Italy, during the G20 Presidency, draws our attention to the impact of COVID-19 on the ‘Agenda 2030’,” said Ms Kyriakidou, adding that progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals was already unequal before the pandemic, but COVID-19 has made achieving Agenda 2030 even more difficult, both for the EU and globally.

“Expenditure on health is an investment, not a cost. “As the European Union, we are committed to the 2030 agenda and we have an ambitious political agenda to achieve sustainability in the EU and beyond.”

The European Commissioner also outlined the EU’s health priorities.

In particular, he noted that in order to enhance the resilience of health systems, “which requires continuous and increased investment – in facilities, supplies, staff and skills”, the capabilities and flexibility of health systems need to be strengthened.

He also said that digital health solutions need to be increased.

“It is important for health systems to invest in their workforce and address the global shortages of well-trained health workers,” she said, adding that inequalities in access to health care – especially for the vulnerable – must be addressed. groups – and access to mental health services.

“In the EU, we have implemented investment and financial tools over the last year to turn these commitments into action and reality on the ground,” he said.

In addition, the Commissioner explained that these reforms need targeted investment in health systems.

“Global solidarity and investment are at the heart of our actions. “As a result, we have contributed € 2.6 billion since 2014 to international health programs, including the WHO through the Universal Health Coverage Partnership.”

Among the priorities is “the strengthening of the global architecture of health insurance”, as Stella Kyriakidou underlined.

“Pandemic prevention, preparedness and response must continue to be a global priority for the G20,” she said. We need to learn from COVID. “

“We at the G20 must be strong supporters of strengthening the World Health Organization. We must ensure that a coherent and comprehensive new global health security architecture is created. We must lead the global response, now through COVAX for the immediate priority of global vaccination, but also for the biggest, most structural changes for the future “, he added.

Finally, Stella Kyriakidou stressed that a new international agreement on pandemic preparedness and response could lead to the strengthening of global health security.

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