La Mer, the benefits of the sea on the skin

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To the touch it is a luxurious and nourishing cream, but if we could see everything that this texture contains, we would see in transparency the waves of the sea which, thanks to the best skincare technology, are enclosed in an iconic jar to bring unparalleled benefits to the skin. She is Cream of sea and its portentous active is Miracle Broth ™, the legendary complex that characterizes each treatment of the brand with an extraordinary energizing and regenerating power.

If today the only act of naming Cream of sea arouses fascination, desire and worship, thanks to the Miracle Broth ™ developed by the aerospace physicist Max Huber who, after suffering severe burns during a laboratory accident, tried to find a solution that would help restore the vitality of his skin.

After 6000 experiments carried out in 12 years, he created his “miracle broth” containing Seaweed, but not just any algae. He chose the variety Giant Marine Brown Algae originally from Vancouver, one of the fastest growing plants in the world and with extraordinary self-healing power. Rich in nutrients, algae are transformed over a biofermentation process 3-4 months, along with other pure ingredients, and exposed to an enhanced energy source that acts as a powerful catalyst for skin renewal, simulating the sun and the natural rhythm of the waves. In fact, each cell of seaweed contains i benefits of the sea that stimulate the natural energy of the skin, giving it a healthier and more radiant appearance.

In order not to betray the link with the original formulation and to preserve all its benefits, for each new production a little of the previous one is added so as to always have some of the potion created half a century ago by the skilled hands of Dr. Huber. Each jar of Crème da La Mer is filled by hand eight hours after the formula is completed, and the temperature of the processing environment is constantly monitored.


Cream of sea the moisturizer from which it all began is a sumptuously rich cream that infuses deep, regenerating hydration. Over time, the most iconic texture has evolved into 4 other different textures to offer a complete wardrobe of options and adapt to different needs.

The Moisturizing Soft Cream: rich but soft, soft but full of energy: this version has a sumptuous texture, a little lighter than the traditional one Cream of sea and the final effect is naturally radiant. How does he do it? Renewing the barrier. This too might seem like a paradox, but by keeping the moisture inside and environmental irritants outside, you are able to make your skin’s natural beauty shine.

The Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream: floods the skin with pleasant freshness. After application, the skin’s temperature is lowered, reducing minor irritations and redness, reinforcing the protective barrier and improving its energy and hydration.

The Moisturizing Matte Lotion: a true paradox that gives hydration and opaque effect without compromising the benefit of both. La Mer scientists used Capsule Technology conveyed through Moisture Spheres incredibly small that carry deeper hydration, while the outermost gel layer has been thickened to provide an even greater feeling of freshness. The Mattifying Mesh Network based on natural clay, sea minerals and seaweed powder disperses light from the surface of the skin for an optimal mattifying effect.

The Moisturizing Soft Lotion: an advanced formula fruit of micro-craftsmanship, containing Soft Lotion Capsules that deliver Miracle Broth ™ and Lime Tea Concentrate deep into the skin to relieve dryness, replenish energy reserves and reduce the signs of aging. The transformation begins at first contact, when millions of micronized spheres flow like water droplets to infuse the skin with beneficial hydration that gives firmness from within. The gel that surrounds the core of the lotion allows it to give a healthy and fresh feeling, extremely light.


La Mer offers gods online personalized consulting services with the brand’s Beauty Experts. The services offered allow you to customize your beauty routine while staying comfortably at home. Discover the rituals for every skin need: illuminate, moisturize and enhance the anti-aging effect. Learn the art of mixology, La Mer’s signature feature, that is the combination of textures and treatments that maximize their effectiveness in a totally unique way for each face. All the brand’s products are, in fact, perfectly mixable and superimposable thanks to the purity of their formula.

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