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La Repubblica: “Macron’s plan to elect Mario Draghi as the new president of the European Commission”

The French president Emmanuel Macron wants a “changing of the guard” in the presidency of the European Commission, with a new head of the Italian former prime minister Mario Draghi, according to today’s detailed publication of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. The newspaper recalls that almost five years ago the French president had proposed, together with former Chancellor Angela Merkel, the name of Ursula von der Leyen, “allowing the Union to get out of a difficult quagmire”. “After four and a half years, according to diplomatic sources, he wants to play the same role,” adds La Repubblica.

The article underlines that given the critical period we are living in at the international level, Europe must rely on a man with experience, such as Draghi, who had an important term as president of the European Central Bank and “is able to talk to the Chinese leader without inferiority complexes and could control Trump’s unpredictable moves.”

The Italian newspaper adds that Macron has already been in informal contact with the German chancellor Olaf Solz, who in such a case would have to accept the whole plan and the fact that the current German President of the Commission is not going to be re-elected. “THE Von der Leyen but he could move to NATO, from the moment the term of the current secretary general of the Atlantic Alliance ends exactly next spring”, it is underlined. At the same time, “by electing Draghi as head of the Commission, Chancellor Solz could also satisfy the request of the German Greens, who want a seat on the next European Commission”.

What needs to be ascertained, according to the Rome newspaper, is whether its government Georgia Meloni intends to give her consent. “She herself would like the current Italian Minister of European Affairs, Raffaele Fito, as the new commissioner. But can he say “no” to Draghi and cause such a big rift with France, Germany, and the former central banker? Since the whole plan is said to have received the approval of the White House?” finally asks La Repubblica.

Source: News Beast

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