La Roca gives a truck to the man who helped him when he had nowhere to live

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Dwayne Johnson, better known as “The Rock”, just had the most beautiful gesture in the world when he thanked the man who helped and supported him during his adolescence, because he gave him a roof to shelter in when he had no where or how to live .

Through his social networks, the actor shared the moment he surprised Bruno Lauer with a late-model truck, an act that has been applauded by his thousands of followers.

Gaining a niche in Hollywood was not easy

Johnson is one of the most recognized and highest paid actors in Hollywood, but his rise to fame was not easy. When he was just a child, he and his mother were evicted from Hawaii, then he came to Nashville to live with his father. Unfortunately, he turned his back on her. However, he was taken in by Bruno Lauer, who had a room at the Alamo Plaza motel.

Years later, when he began his career as a wrestler in Memphis, he had no money or where to live, so he turned again to Bruno, who let him sleep in his trailer and even gave him his last 40 dollars to compare his first car.

My life has been full of these kinds of twists. However, God and the universe always found a way to put these types of people in my path, who helped me change the trajectory of my life.

– Dwayne Johnson

A well deserved thanks

Although the gesture may not mean much, for the actor it was enough. Now he had a roof to sleep and feed on, and he only had to worry about pushing his career to the max.

Years later, success came into her life and she now had enough money to pay the rent for an apartment and move out of Bruno’s trailer. Faced with the memories, Johnson decided to thank Bruno for all his help and support by gifting him with a late-model truck. The events were recorded on video and were shared on social networks, causing more than one to shed tears of emotion.

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