Laboratory director reveals MRI details in which lawyer was shot by his own gun

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Leandro Mathias, a lawyer shot by his own gun during an MRI in São Paulo, was hit after entering the equipment room to help his mother get into position for the exam.

The medical director of the CURA laboratory, César Penteado, explained to the press that Leandro’s mother was there to perform a skull resonance.

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Leandro signed a term “against indication of magnetic field for companions”. In the security room that adjoins the room where the exam is done, he kept personal items like his keys and wallet.

The director of the laboratory stated that he did not keep the weapon and no one noticed that he was armed because, in addition to Leandro not informing him, the item was on the lawyer’s back, attached to his waist and covered by his shirt.

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Penteado also explained that the MRI machine creates a strong magnetic field and stays on continuously. So, when Leandro entered the room to help his mother get into position, as she approached the equipment, the gun was attracted by the equipment and went off.

According to the laboratory, the security camera footage was turned over to the police for investigation.

signed term

The medical director of the laboratory showed what the standard consent form that companions sign for this examination looks like.

Among the items are questions about whether the person has a cardiac pacemaker, has an implantable electronic device or has been hit by a firearm projectile.

“For a greater guarantee of security, we request the removal of all metallic objects, including watches, jewelry, piercings and wearing private clothing”, writes the term.

Term signed by lawyer Leandro Mathias to participate in the magnetic resonance exam as a companion.

The accident

According to the Civil Police, the case happened, this Wednesday (18), on Avenida Brigadeiro Luís Antônio, in the central region of São Paulo, around 4:30 pm.

The man was taken to São Luiz Hospital, where he remains hospitalized.

The case was registered as a firearm shot by the 14th Police District, which requested technical expertise from the Institute of Criminalistics.

“Weapon was not mentioned”, says laboratory

The CURA group issued a statement this Thursday (19) on the case. “We reinforce that all accident prevention protocols were followed by the CURA team, as is customary in all units”, he said in a note.

“Both the patient and the companion were properly instructed regarding the procedures for accessing the examination room and warned about the removal of any and all metallic objects. Both signed a term of acknowledgment regarding this guidance, ”she added.

The group also stated that the lawyer and his mother are receiving advice and follow-up, and the laboratory is collaborating with the police investigation.

Find out who Leandro Mathias is

The victim is Leandro Mathias de Novaes, a lawyer with an active profile on social networks for the dissemination of weapons content.

With about 7,500 followers and almost 50,000 likes, he often uses TikTok to answer questions clarifying other people’s doubts about carrying a firearm.

“How much will I spend on a lawyer if I use my gun in self-defense?”, “What will I answer if I get caught with a CAC loaded gun?” and “Even the guy breaking down the gate of your house, he can’t shoot?” are some of the questions that Leandro recorded video giving his point of view.

Find out who Leandro Mathias is, a weapons lawyer shot by his own gun during MRI

Source: CNN Brasil

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