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Lace panties: yes or no, that is the question. All the pros and cons

What underwear do I wear? Occasion, season, inclination… Let's be honest, the choice to solve this daily dilemma is never obvious. And even more so looking at the current times, where the overturning underwear he elevated ours lingerie the undisputed protagonist of the catwalks, street style And star look. For the series: now the essential is (definitely) visible to the eye.

Liza Koshy at the 2023 Golden Globe Awards.

© Sthanlee Mirador/Sipa USA / ipa-agency.net

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Between culottes, brazilians and thongs, there are those who prefer them in golden standard cotton, some in nylon, some in satin, as Miu Miu teaches. But the fixed point in the underwear collections of the various brands, but also the private ones kept in our personal, precious and overflowing drawers, undoubtedly remains one: lace. Common thread back-contemporary of entire catwalks, from Dolce&Gabbana to Chloé, with its regal and fru fru, erotic and religious, romantic and sexy, Together. Which today reveals itself as the irresistible crossroads between ancient And nouveau boudoir according to the trendy “coquette”.

Dolce amp Gabbana autumnwinter 202425.

Dolce & Gabbana autumn/winter 2024-25.

Victor VIRGILE/Getty Images

Nevertheless, on the intimate hygiene front, the certainties of style falter. So much so that three countries, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, have even banned lace panties since 2014, considering them a threat to health. And unleashing, obviously, one wake of protests. Now, given that denying the right to choose one's underwear is shocking to say the least, could our “heart underwear” really hide some insidious secrets? Alas, partly yes. Here, then, are our pros and cons on the balance. And the verdict is yours.

Pro lace panties

  • Sexiness and fantasy. For those who love playing with weaves and workmanship with a lot of touch risqué how refined without a doubt it is briefs of lace lends itself entirely to the undertaking. Linked to the hemisphere of sensuality since the Victorian era, the sex appeal of this fabric is unrivaled, for a see-through effect à la Sophia Loren Italian wedding (1964). In a word: fatal.
Sophia Loren in Italian Wedding.

Sophia Loren in Italian wedding (1964).

Sunset Boulevard/Getty Images

  • A boost of bravado. As a natural consequence, the self-confidence it comes by itself. It doesn't matter whether they are visible or not: knowing you are wearing an exquisite pair of lace underwear releases a sense of confidence and self-esteem that is intoxicating to say the least. To the point that we could easily elect them as the most popular “lucky underwear” par excellence.
  • Thoughts become light. Airy and delicate, the open texture of the briefs made of lace imperceptibly touches the skin, almost like a veiled caress. And especially when we talk about high quality in materials, it is undeniable how much comfort and softness to the touch represent a certain surplus experiential.
Lace panties.

Lace panties.

Francesco Carta photographer

Against lace panties

  • Bacteria and irritation. The biggest downside to wearing lace panties is the moisture they accumulate and, consequently, the bacteria they can generate. Increasing the risk of imbalances, vaginal infections and vulvar irritation, such as explains Dr. Victoria Scott toHuffington Post. While, It goes without sayinglace and lace exist, the ideal compromise would always be to opt for models with a cotton crotch.
Lace panties.

Lace panties.


  • Not every day. Banning them out of the box would be a great shame, but precisely because of these risks they are not allowed among the master key of everyday underwear. Each body reacts physiologically in a different and very personal way to contact, he rightly claims the gynecologist Christenie Greveswhich adds how, in any case, the moderation factor is essential.
  • Bas-relief of the look? No thank you. There are moments to stand out and others in which to set aside delusions of protagonism. But versatility and modesty are certainly not their strong point. So, pay attention to combinations and subtleties. Because lace panties could also turn into a slip of style, ready to appear, inexorable, on the surface of your smooth slip dress.

Source: Vanity Fair

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