“Lady Aeromexico”, they take a woman off the plane because she sneaked into first class without paying

“Lady Aeromexico”, they take a woman off the plane because she sneaked into first class without paying

Imagine that you spend months of your life saving to go on a trip, and suddenly, in the middle of the flight, a woman causes the plane to be delayed, making your vacation hell.

This sounds like something unlikely and, at the same time, a nightmare, right? However it is a true story. A woman caused a flight to France to be delayed because she moved from her economy class seat to a premier class seat, which she had not paid for. The stewardesses kindly invited her to return to her place, but she refused on more than one occasion.

TikTok user Enrique Galicia LA shared videos of the moment when Aeroméxico staff ask the woman to get off the plane for breaking the rules, since she changed her seat from economy class to premier class, which is more expensive.

The woman refused to return to her place and argued that if that place was empty, she could use it, since she did not see the problem in it. Her staff tried to explain her situation to her, but she refused. In the end, and after an intense fight, the woman returned to her place in economy class, although because the plane had not yet taken off, her staff chose to penalize her and took her off the flight.

The seat you see was his original place in tourist class, he moved thinking that nothing would happen, the premier class is in front of the plane (…) He had returned to his original seat, but it was already too late.

The video went viral in a couple of hours and the woman received criticism among social network users for not paying for the other seat, while others pointed out that it is common for people to change seats once the flight begins, since they no longer they can download them.

To avoid any problem of this type, it is best that we save enough to get the seat we want, so we will avoid being exposed on social networks and enjoy a pleasant trip.

Source: Okchicas