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Lady Diana “before her death she was thinking of moving to America with Dodi Al-Fayed (without her children)”

Lady Diana “Shortly before her death she was thinking of moving to America with her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayedwithout the children”. She revealed it to her former bodyguard, Lee Sansum. The man was part of the security that watched over the princess and her children, William And Harry, when they were on vacation in St. Tropez, in July 1997, on the luxury yacht of Dodi’s father, the billionaire Mohammed Al-Fayed. THE paparazzi, trying to take photos of Diana and Dodi, were constantly around the boat. And the princess was exasperated: “The press was the bane of her life everywhere, not just in St. Tropez,” says her bodyguard in his new book Protecting Diana: A Bodyguard’s Story. Adding: «One day the princess said to me: «’There is nothing I can do in the United Kingdom. Newspapers attack me no matter what I do. I want to go to the US and get away from it all. At least America likes me and they’ll leave me alone». Diana, says Sandum, was convinced that the royal family would not allow her to take her children with her: «He told me: “I will probably only be able to see them during the school holidays”».

Also Paul Burrellformer butler to the princess, in his book At Royal Duty writes that Lady D dreamed of moving to America. However, in Burrell’s version, William and Harry would go with their mother: “I remember very well that at one point the princess said to me: ‘This will be our new life, it will be great! Think about guys, they can have a better life, nobody judges you in America, there is no class division, there is no establishment». According to Burrell, the royal family wouldn’t try to stop the princess: “She, Diana, would never have been queen. And there was still so much time left for her children. Why then couldn’t they have spent part of their time in the United States?’

He also spoke of Diana’s American dream Stewart Pearce, who was the princess’s confidant and voice coach. Pearce interviewed by Daily Mail declared: «A few months before Diana died was planning to move to California with his children», William and Harry. And down there he dreamed «of pursue a career in Hollywood». Not in front of the camera (“that didn’t interest her at all”), but behind her: “she had received many offers, there were several important projects that were taking shape. The first concerned some documentaries focusing on specific charitable issues».

Who knows if Diana, as many royal observers now claim, really dreamed of America. What is certain is that all her dreams were shattered by the tragic car accident in which she lost her life at the age of 36, together with Dodi Al-Fayed, on August 31, 1997.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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