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Lady Diana Spencer's mother got married today, 70 years ago: all about her dream dress with crystal embroidery and her diamond tiara

It was considered the social event of the year. On 1 June 1954, exactly 70 years ago, a very young aristocrat and Queen Elizabeth's equerry got married at Westminster Abbey. Frances Rochedaughter of the Baron of Fermoy, and John Spencer, Viscount Althorpthey were none other than the parents of Lady Diana Spencer.

The two belonged to two very important aristocratic families, both very close to each other Royal Family. For this reason, the wedding, which was attended by 1700 guests, was attended by Elizabeth II herself and her husband Philip of Edinburgh, the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and four other members of the House of Windsor.

John Spencer, Viscount Althorp, and Frances Roche, on their wedding day celebrated on 1 June 1954.

Hulton Deutsch/Getty Images

John Spencer said Johnny Althorp when he asked his father, Baron Fermoy, for Frances Roche's hand, he was almost thirty years old while his future bride was only seventeen (the same age difference as there was between Diana and Carlo). She did it with an engagement ring, obviously made of diamonds, which Frances wore before leaving to study in Florence.

Frances Roche and Johnnie Althorp a few days before their wedding.

Frances Roche and Johnnie Althorp a few days before their wedding.

Central Press/Getty Images

The Viscount, however, was on tour with Queen Elizabeth in the long tour planned after the sovereign's coronation in 1952. On the way back, once in Malta, he was allowed to return early to prepare for that much-anticipated wedding , not so much from the spouses who perhaps couldn't wait to finally spend time together, but from the high society who loved appearing in society.

Queen Elizabeth and Philip of Edinburgh invited to the wedding.

Queen Elizabeth and Philip of Edinburgh invited to the wedding.

-/Getty Images

To make the appointment even more unique there was a curiosity: Frances Roche was the youngest woman to marry at Westminster Abbey in that century, having turned 18 on January 20 of that year. Although there was no middle throne, the put wedding was up to a royal wedding.

Frances Roche leaving the house with her father Lord Fermoy, the bride has her face covered by the veil.

Frances Roche, leaving the house, with her father, Lord Fermoy: the bride has her face covered by the veil.

Lee/Getty Images

The line ofwedding dress A-line dress in camellia white was quite simple: the bodice had a sweetheart neckline that left ample space for the triple row of pearls that Frances had around her neck, the sleeves were long and the skirt was full. To make theensemble there was the fabric, silk faille, richly decorated.

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The flowers seen in the black and white shots gave a particular light to the dress since they were embroidered with silver crystals and hand-cut rhinestones. There was no one I drag to weigh down the dress and even the tulle veil was pure.

The newlyweds leaving Westminster Abbey can see the details of the crystal embroidery on Diana's mother's dress.

The newlyweds leaving Westminster Abbey: you can see the details of the crystal embroidery on Diana's mother's dress.

Terry Disney/Getty Images

To keep him still Lady Ruth Fermoy's tiaramother of Frances and therefore grandmother of Lady Diana Spencer. The tiara, linked to the aristocrat who wore it for a long time, was sported that same year by both daughters in their respective weddings (the eldest daughter Mary married Anthony Berry six months later).

The sparkling embroidery and the diamond tiara make the wedding outfit regal and precious.  Around the neck instead only three rounds of...

The sparkling embroidery and diamond tiara make the put royal and precious wedding. Around her neck, however, only three rows of pearls.

Keystone/Getty Images

The tiara's design, featuring columns of diamond leaves topped with circular diamonds, was refined and non-imposing. Frances, like her daughter Diana, opted for an heirloom from her own family and not one from her husband's dynasty. However, both Diana herself and Sarah and Jane, the couple's daughters (and their daughters), chose the famous Spencer tiara for their wedding.

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In 1981, not at Westminster Abbey but at Saint Paul's Cathedral, less than thirty years later, the daughter of Frances Roche and John Spencer, who in the meantime had divorced in 1969, would marry the then Prince Charles , heir to the British throne. Diana, slightly older than her mother, was not content with being the protagonist of the social event of the year but, despite her, we could say today, she was the protagonist of the wedding of the century. Unfortunately, sumptuous clothes and sparkling diamonds are no guarantee of happiness. As Frances and Diana demonstrate, certain fairy tales, despite their bright premises, are destined to last as long as a beautiful dream.

Source: Vanity Fair

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