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Lady Diana: where did the objects that were in the museum dedicated to the princess end up

Althorp House, Lady Diana’s family home, has been opened to the public for the summer season. But hers is his famous stable which was once a museum dedicated to the late princess, has now changed its intended use. This was revealed by Karen Spencer, the third wife of Charles, Diana’s brother, who lives on the 13,000-acre estate in Northamptonshire with her husband and their daughter, Lady Charlotte Diana Spencer.

Countess Spencer shared photos of their stable, which the family is restoring to house horses again. Fans, however, wanted to know why the space no longer houses the Princess of Wales’ items. “Is the Diana exhibition still there?”, he was asked. Karen’s response is prompt: «No! When William turned 30, all his things went to him».

But what are “all his things”? The museum in the stables was divided into six exhibition rooms, with valuable pieces that belonged to the royal family. There was, for example, the iconic Diana’s wedding dress, which is now owned by William. There were his childhood photo album and his ballet shoes. The eldest son of the princess also got the Spencer Tiara and a wide selection of other formal wear worn by royals over the years.

But, among the objects inherited by William, there is also the very famous engagement ring in white gold, with a large 12-carat oval blue sapphire and 14 round diamonds, which Diana’s son gave to Kate when he asked her to marry him in 2010 (and which she always wears on her finger). It is said that William asked to keep the ring after his mother died in 1997, and that Harry did not object.

At Althorp, on a small island in Oval Lake lies Princess Diana. Family members have to take a boat to get there and visitors are prohibited from reaching the grave. Brother Charles goes there often and, as he said to Good Morning Britain, «on every important day, like his birthday or Mother’s Day, I always bring flowers. It’s an oasis of calm, a beautiful place.”

Source: Vanity Fair

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