Lady Louise Windsor, the tender memory of grandfather Philip (and of their carriage rides)

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cAs the Spanish edition of Vanity Fair it’s been ten years since Lady Louise Windsor, now seventeen, he participated in his first important royal engagement: bridesmaid at William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. Since then the eldest daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex led a life far from media attention: it is raised in Windsor with her younger brother James, Viscount of Severn, studied at St George’s School and then at St Mary’s School and very rarely participated in official engagements with his parents.

But now Lady Louise looks ready to hire a leading role in the royal family. The seventeen-year-old appeared on TV for the first time to make his contribution to the extraordinary BBC documentary entitled Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers in which all the royal family (excluding the queen) remembers the late prince Filippo revealing background, anecdotes and unpublished details of his life.

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Lady Louise in the documentary spoke of the passion that bound her to her beloved grandfather: the rides on horseback with chariot. «For me it is an incredible joy to have had a teacher like him. At first I was quite scared, because he was the one who invented this sport. But he was very interested in my way of driving the chariot. After each race, he always asked me: “How did it go?”. And his eyes lit up. He got so excited when he talked about racing“. When they went for a run together, her grandfather told her “a lot of anecdotes on the most diverse subjects. Sincerely, he was one of the most interesting people I have ever met».

The April 9, day of Philip’s disappearance, the photo of the young Louise she was taking for a walk in Windsor went around the world grandpa’s beloved ponies, Balmoral Nevis e Notlaw Storm. Philip and his granddaughter were so bound by mutual love that the 17-year-old is so far the only known beneficiary of the Duke of Edinburgh’s fortune (whose will will remain secret for 90 years “to protect the queen’s privacy”). Lady Louise received as an inheritance the chariot of grandfather Filippo. Never was a gift more appropriate.

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