Lady perrea to the ground and ends up stealing the show at a concert

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Without a doubt, one of the most important representatives of reggaeton is the Puerto Rican Ramón Luis Ayala, better known as Daddy Yankee. His more than 30 years in the music scene have earned him the title of “king of reggaeton”.

Having been active for more than three decades, it is not surprising that it is part of the taste of many generations who grew up listening to it and dancing to its catchy hits. Also, to enjoy music there is no age. As a lady demonstrated in the concert that the reggaeton player offered in Mexico, as part of the farewell tour The last turn.

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Daddy Yankee sitting red background

Through the TikTok network, a user named Josabeth de la Torre showed how her mother not only agreed to accompany her to the Yankee concert, but also ended up stealing the spotlight with tremendous flow which is loaded

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There were two videos in which the lady is shown very excited, singing and dancing to the rhythm of reggaeton, which surprised Internet users with her vitality and enthusiasm.

Let’s go with my mom to see the Big Boss. What can happen?


That dino is cool ✨💫 @daddyyankee #lultimavueltaworldtour #daddyyankee #bigboss #legendary #gdl

♬ original sound – Ana Josabeth de la Torre

The lady brought out that young and dancing soul that she carries inside. She without even realizing that her daughter is recording her while she screams, sings, dances and joins in the collective emotion.

But when she realizes she’s being filmed, she doesn’t hold back, instead interacting and continuing to sing, winning the hearts of all who see her. And it is that it is rare to see people of certain ages in this type of event.


Let it go viral for @daddyyankee to see!🫶🏼💗 #bestmom #daddyyankee #bigboss #gdl #fyp

♬ REMIX – Daddy Yankee

The girl’s goal is for the video to reach Daddy Yankee, which is likely, since in a few days it has gone viral and there are even many users tagging the reggaeton player in the comments.

Many netizens, captivated by her energy, left good comments and wishes for Josabeth’s mother. In addition, they told her that they felt very identified with her and that very likely, in a few years, they would be the same as her lady. As soon as we saw her, we felt like taking a little dog, not a little?

Source: Okchicas

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