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Lancet: Actual death toll in Gaza war is 8% of population

The official death toll stands at nearly 38,200, according to the latest tally from Hamas’ health ministry. However, a recent report by The Lancet, titled “Counting the dead in Gaza: Difficult but necessary”, suggests that this number is much higher. The true number likely includes thousands more trapped under the rubble and those who have succumbed to the effects of war, such as malnutrition, disease and lack of medical care. The 14,000 bombs supplied by the US to Israel contributed to the widespread loss of life. These bombs have not only caused direct casualties, but have also destroyed Gaza’s infrastructure, exacerbating conditions leading to additional deaths. The destruction of health care facilities, food distribution networks and sanitation systems has left the population in a precarious situation. The Lancet highlights the difficulty of collecting accurate data because of the widespread destruction. “The number of reported deaths is probably much higher. THE […]
Source: News Beast

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