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Last supermoon of the year lights up Brazil’s sky; see images

The last supermoon of the year could be seen this Thursday (11) in several regions of Brazil and the world. Call of Sturgeon supermoon the phenomenon will light up the sky for three nights, according to NASA.

In total, 2022 had three supermoons; in addition to this one in August, the phenomenon occurred in June and July, in the so-called Strawberry Moon and Deer Moon, respectively.

According to Professor Carlos Fernando Jung, responsible for the Heller & Jung space observatory, located in Rio Grande do Sul, this August supermoon is known as the “Supermoon of Sturgeon” – a name that comes from the indigenous peoples of North America and is related to the time when fish is found in abundance.

According to NASA, the Moon will appear full for about three days, and the planet Saturn will appear brighter.

“The planet Saturn, at nearly its brightest point of the year, will appear above the Moon on Thursday night to Friday morning, August 11-12, 2022, shifting from top left to top left. right as the night progresses,” NASA described.

See images of the last supermoon of 2022

Source: CNN Brasil

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